Head of Battery Engineering (Senior Level)

Build high performance, thermally tolerant battery packs from scratch, right from building architecture, schematic design, battery modelling, data-driven validation and production launch.


  1. Set an extremely high standard of technical and leadership excellence for the team. Should own the complete battery division and the product.
  2. Develop and take ownership of building multiple battery pack designs which are thermally stable and sustainable in harsh conditions.
  3. Provide team leadership in design, simulation, prototyping software of BMS, component selection, PCB design, Power electronics.
  4. Understand the goals and requirements of the market and then drive thermal improvements, safety design, robust pack, with bug-free electronics to build an extremely high-quality product.
  5. Own the complete product design, development, and testing methodology. Will be responsible for delivering the product according to the timeline.
  6. Develop and grow the high-performance engineering team. Help building the team with recruiting, mentorship, goal setting and as well drive projects using hands-on development.
  7. Understand the manufacturing process of the battery pack in-depth and drive the production-ready product using constant iteration using data analysis.
  8. Understand the process and have the skill to execute the testing using a software-driven approach and take the team forward with leading from the front.


  • B.E./B.Tech/M.S or M.Tech in the same field or relevant field. Also proven experience in the same field.
  • At Least 7 years of experience in Battery Engineering and the ability to demonstrate technical depth and leadership qualities.
  • Experience with working in innovation-driven teams in the automotive space and should have experience in building the battery pack from the ground up.
  • Experience in working with thermal simulation softwares like Ansys, STAR CCM and have experience in building the pack from cell level.
  • Experience in battery software engineering, simulation and testing.
  • Experience with leading, designing and architecting the battery system from scratch.
  • Deep expertise in understanding the BMS circuit, design, software and battery pack thermal management.
  • Experience with PCB layouts with Altium or similar software and quickly debug PCB related hardware issues is a plus.
  • Working with extracting data from various sensors from the battery pack and understanding the complete product is a must.
  • Ability to understand the BMS architecture and control software for FET circuits, Gauging unit, and Monitoring unit.
  • Experience with understanding and developing battery SOC estimation and prediction algorithms.
  • Significant simulation experience with MATLAB and SPICE or related tools.
  • Taking full ownership and responsibility for leading the team for overall team success.
  • Should have great communication and writing skills for technical documentation.
  • Should be a team player and build a culture of innovation-driven product development.
  • Bonus, if the candidate has worked on patents in a similar field previously

Compensation and Work Culture:

  • Good Salary
  • Really Awesome ESOPs
  • Research driven and chaotic innovative environment
  • Free Medical Insurance Cover
  • Free Coffee
  • Monthly Office Parties

You should definitely apply if:

  • You find it easy to manage tough timelines
  • You are a hands on person who loves building new tech for the automotive sector
  • You understand the meaning of ESOPs and how important they are for a startup
  • You have worked in startups before and understand how to bring structure to chaos
  • You know that eventually only outcomes matter
  • You are a phenomenal team player who backs his/her mates when things are tough

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at careers@kwhbikes.com

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